SPACEMATDB - Space Materials DataBase
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New additions

A new reference is added to the opening screen. The excellent reference book of Barrie D. Dunn, "Materials and Processes for Spacecraft and high Reliability Applications"

The Database Status page is now integrated in the Covered Materials page. A new page (M & P Courses) is added containing courses, lectures and papers on materials and processes used in spacecraft in on-ground and space environments

Planned additions

Basic database tree is complete. 418 materials are in the tree. Additional materials to be added in the future
  1. Aluminium and its alloys
    Arall, Glare, ODS alloys, RSP alloys, Osprey alloys, Aluminium composites, AA1100, AA1145, AA1235, AA2017, AA2090, AA2091, AA2519, AA4043, AA5005, AA5050, AA5457, AA5754, AA6013, AA6060, AA6082, AA7010, AA8090
  2. Copper and its alloys
    Narloy Z, ODS alloys
  3. Titanium and its alloys
  4. Stainless Steels
    317L, 254 SMO, 654 SMO
  5. Miscellaneous Alloys
    Beryllium alloys
  6. Optical Materials
    CMG150, CMX100, LaK9G15, Schott 8436, SF6G05, B270, D263
  7. Adhesives, Coatings, Varnishes
    Ablebond 71-1, 77-2LTC, 84-1, 84-3, 958-7, Ablefilm 5025E, 561K, 564A, Ablestik ECF-563
  8. Thermoset plastics
    Vespel SP1, SP3, Thermofit RT218, RT220, RT876, Sucofit TF3P
  9. Wires and cables
    Raychem 44